About Me!


Stephanie McKay, Photographer

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am your local Portrait photographer in Meriden, CT. I have lived in CT my whole life except for the 8 months that I decided to be in Florida. I knew from day one that my love for photography was more than just a hobby. As I went through High School I took every single photography, editing, and film class that I could. I loved it and couldn't stay away. I learned how to develop my own film, and then moved to digital. I was the editor of our Senior Yearbook. I have never put so much love and hard work into something, but that book made me think..."what do you want to do now that High School is over?" I applied to Hallmark Institute of Photography. I received scholarships, and was so proud and excited to attend this amazing school. Unfortunately, it did close two months before I was suppose to move in. I was distraught. So what did I do? I moved to Florida and really thought to myself...what do you want to do now? 

Well, here I am. Located in Cheshire, CT. I have opened my own photography business and I am so excited to share it all with you! I have taken my online classes and have gotten out into the world to practice on my own. I cannot wait to photograph your newborns, your high school seniors, or even your wedding. My love for photography is so strong. It is not just a hobby, but a love for something that I have turned into my lifelong career. 

Please look through our website to see what we offer and we would love to chat about what you have in mind, or if you would like to have a cup of coffee. We would love to meet you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my client for making my dreams come true! Every single one of you are so special to me and I can't wait to photograph all the special things that happen in your lives! 

Credit: Wonderland Photography, CT

Credit: Wonderland Photography, CT